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A series commiserating the democratic farce that was a wedding between a boy who was born into a very rich privileged family and as such will probably become king, and a girl who is quite pretty and intelligent.

I Was A Teenage Manics Fan
I spent my teenage years obsessed with a band called the Manic Street Preachers. This series explains the hows and whys and whens...
Part 1

Individual Pieces
Beckenham Library Gave Me Power
A ramble through South London, politics and Josie Long.

Edjewcayshon, Edjucatoin, Education
'cos libraries may well have given us power, but colleges show us how to use it.

Mexico '86
My first World Cup. I was eight. Please forgive me if my memory is a little hazy.

The Girl From HMV
The life of a boy obsessed with buying records. The boy is me. Sadly.

Star Wars Day and Yes To AV
...or why voting 'no' would offend Wookies. The UK voted, overwhelmingly, 'No'. Should have let the Wookie win.