About Jamie


Jamie Woods is a writer from South Wales, and is working towards an MA in Creative Writing at Cardiff University. Previously, he studied Literature at the Open University, and has had short stories published in Evergreen Review and The First Line. He owns too many records and not enough shelves.


Email me on jamiewoods77 [AT] gmail.com


First Person, overly-familiar bio.

Hello. My name is Jamie. This is my blog. Take your shoes off, it's a new carpet.

Where to start... I'm a writer. Writing a novel about a boy. Writing a novella about a woman. Writing short stories about everyone.

You want a bit more? Well, my surname is Woods and I was born in the Year of Our Star Wars 1977. You shoulda get that from the blog title, really... I suppose I should tell you what I do, what I like doing, what I plan to do, but then I wouldn't have anything to blog about.

I live in Swansea which is in South Wales, not to be confused with Swansea in New South Wales, which is further away than I've ever been. Also, people in that (Australian) Swansea commute to (Australian) Newcastle. You have to hope that their Newcastle is nearer to their Swansea than our Newcastle is to our Swansea...

Speaking of which, why-aye man, gannin' down the Blaydon Races man woman pet, I was born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. I had an authentic Auf Wiedersehn Pet / Gazza / Byker Grove / Lauren Laverne / The fella who does the voice-over on Big Brother / Cheryl Tweedy-Cole (please choose your personal favourite cultural stereotype) accent. Until the age of 5, anyway. Which hardly warrants a paragraph.

I then went to live in Sarf Lahndahn, which is the same thing as South London, but is more awl-fen-tick, innit? I facking laaved living in London, but didn't like living with my parents. So I went away to Uni, to Swansea. At the same time, my parents decided to move to North Wales. Grrr - I could've stayed in London. All those gigs I missed out on, the cultural happenings, the change from 0181 to 0208 phone numbers, the introductory lectures on how to use Oyster Cards...

Still, if I hadn't moved to Swansea, I wouldn't have met my wife, and we wouldn't have had our kids. And I wouldn't be writing this blog page. I'd probably be doing something utterly cuntish like snorting coke off of some girls tits after a hard day at the Footsie. Or something ridiculously stupid like lying in a gutter, oblivious to the stars, smacked out of my head on heroin. Either way, I certainly wouldn't be sitting in my living room tippy-tapping away, doing something and living a life that I actually like.

Anyway, the rest of the stuff about me, you'll be able to find out, in a piecemeal manner, by subscribing to (or just visiting with some regularity) this blog.